PIC NO: 946235195

Name of the co-applicantÇankırı Sivil Toplum Derneği (Cankiri Civil Society Association)
EuropeAid ID numberTR-2012-FJQ-0904646280
Countryand date of registrationTurkish / Turkey, Cankiri and 29.07.2009
Legal Entity File numberN.A.
Legal statusNon-governmental organization (NGO)
 Co-applicant no.1
PIC NO:946235195
EuropeAid ID numberTR-2012-FJQ-0904646280
Name of the organisationÇankırı Sivil Toplum Derneği–Cankiri Civil Society Association
The co-applicant’s contact details for the purpose of this actionSezai ÖZÇELİK
Legal Entity File number 
Registration number (or equivalent)18-006-164 (18-311536)
Date of registration29.07.2009
Place of registrationCankiri
Official address of registrationBuğday Pazarı Mah. Elif Cad. Yıldırımlar Apt. Kat: 3 No: 8 Çankırı
Country of registrationTurkey
Website and E-mail address of the
Contact personDoç. Dr. Sezai ÖZÇELİK
Contact person’s mobile phone+ 90-505-504-9329
Telephone number: Country code + city code + number+ 90-376-213-2626 /7737
Fax number: Country code + city code + number+ 90-376-212-0422
Legal statusProfit-Making □ Yes XX No. NGO                XX Yes □ No.                                                 □ Yes □ No
Value based                                                                                                                                               □ Political    □ Religious    XX Humanistic    □ Neutral


Cankiri Civil Society Association (CCSA) was founded in 2009. It is a small size association located in Cankiri, Turkey. Cankiri is in the north of Ankara, the capital of Turkey (120km) with 65,000 population. The Association aims to promote the civil society development in Cankiri by focusing on the disadvantaged groups such as women, girls, disabled persons, rural women, youth, former inmates, etc. The Association has been involved in some projects  related to the rural women development and employment, returning the girls to the school, and entrepreneurship of rural women and nature tourism training in Cankiri region. The projects we are involved in are: 1-Beypazari Model: 2- Red Chalk Project 3- Natur Project

Our organization promotes civil society building. Our region is near to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Yet, Cankiri is categorized as Tier II underdeveloped region scheme. Rural women in Cankiri and Turkey have been the most disadvantaged group in Turkey. We have already participated in some projects that are related to the return of rural women back into the labour market as well as the return of girls into primary, secondary and high schools. Our Beypazari Model project is almost identical to INMA project because both of them aimed to increase employability of women with qualifications returning to labour market after a long period.

One of our members, Associate Prof. Dr. Ayse Dilek Ogretir-Ozcelik has studied on the Beypazari Model project from Gazi University. She can also transform her knowledge from the previous project in INMA project.  This project is related to our association since we have been involved with Rural Women. Cankiri Civil Society Association is a partner at the Beypazari Model project:

In this project, we aimed to adapt the permanent training approach for rural women in order for them to return to the labour market. We used the town of Beypazari, a town in Ankara province that produces women entrepreneurs in rural town. If you visit the town of Beypazari, you can see many SMEs owned by rural women. We hope to transfer some of our knowledge and know-how in this project into INMA project.

What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

One of the project that our Association have been partnering is related to employment of rural women is titled as “Adaptation of Permanent Training Approach for Rural Women Returning to the Labour Market: The Beypazari Model (RURWOMBACK Project). The goal of the project is to propose, starting with the transnational analysis of the target group (rural women) and of the current PVT systems, a number of specific methodological adaptations, making reference to programming, planning, managing and development of training activities, as well as vocational guidance.

Our organization has involved in the project that is related to disabled women and girls. The project is titled as “Breaking the Silence: Violence Against Women and Girls with Disability”, CFCU/TR 0801.08-02/09. The objective of the project is to raise awareness about violence against women and girls with disabilities.  

Our organization members have been involved many different projects including LdV TOI, CFCU; Youth in Action, etc. Our project team can bring a lot of experience from different project. Also, our organization is also partnered in the “Red Chalk Project”  .

The Cankiri CSA has TWO members in the project:

Involved staff

Associate Prof. Dr. Sezai Ozcelikk. He is Associate Professor Dr. at the International Relations department. He has had many EU projects such as LdV TOI, CFCU, LdV partnership, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, etc. He is the project coordinator of the Beypazari Model project: Also, the Nature Tourism project. Another project is Peace Education project. 

His CV is atÖzçelik.asp

Associate Prof. Dr. Ayse Dilek Ogretir. . She has working at Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Primary Education Department, Pre-School Education Sub-Department. She is expert of child development. She is associate professor at Child Development. She has working on child development and education issues.

She has had many EU projects such as LdV TOI, CFCU, LdV partnership, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, etc. She is the project coordinator of one of the partner (Gazi University) for the Beypazari Model project:

Also, she has worked the Nature Tourism project. 

She also worked CFCUproject.

Her CV is at